Gurudwara Patti Sahib, Pakistan

‘Patti’ means ‘Alphabet’. It is the site where Guru Nanak learnt the various languages and particular the alphabet of these languages.

This Gurdwara is close to the Gurdwara Bal Lilah. At this site, Guru Nanak Dev Ji used to learn Devnagri. Later on, he went to Pandit Brij Lal for learning Sanskrit. At the age of 13, Guru ji went to Maulvi Kutab-Ud-Din of Talwandi to learn Persian. But the wisdom and the spiritual enlightment of the Guru Nanak Dev urged all three of them to make obeisance before the Guru’s clear expressions of truth and wisdom.

Guru Nanak while criticizing the prevalent education system, enlightened them with the actual purpose of learning. He gave new meaning to each and every word. The Maulvis and the Pandits were quite ignorant about the mode of education. Guru Nanak was endowed with the wisdom from the very childhood.

His composition in Sri Guru Granth Sahib known as Patti was written especially to remove the suspicious and doubts in the minds of the Pandits. The very first stanza of Patti hymn says: He who created all existence is the sole lord of all. Those who serve Him are his devotees; Fruitful is their coming into the world:
                        Sasei soi srisht jin saaji Sabhana sahib ek bhaeya …
                        Sevat rahe chit jin ka laagaa, Aaaya tin ka safal bhaeya. (p. 432)

The place where education was imparted to Guru Nanak is known as Gurdwara Patti sahib. This place is also called Gurdwara Maulvi Patti Sahib as Guru ji learnt Persian from one Maulvi Kutub-Ud-Din at this place.

The Sikh residents of Nankana Sahib have been organizing a regular citation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib at this place for the last few years. The building of this Gurdwara is vast and maintained well.

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