Gurudwara Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili, Jalalabad, Afghanistan

Jalalabad is northeast of Kabul on the road to Peshawar. Guru Nanak Dev ji stayed here on return from his western udasi. Gurudwara Choha Sahib also called Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili commemorates that visit.

In 1520-1521 AD, Guru Nanak Dev ji crossed this area on his way back from Kabul. This was a dry land and residents had no easy access to water. The nearest water spring was 16 kilometer towards Sultanpur. On request from the residents, Guru Nanak Dev ji surveyed the area and asked them to dig at a specific spot. As they started digging, soon water spring burst from that spot.

The residents were very happy and thankful to Guru ji. This area became very popular and is known as Chashma Baba Nanak. This spring gave so much water that it created a small river.

Later a building was constructed and today it is known as Gurudwara Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili.

Gurudwara Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili-Jalalabad-Afghanistan Gurudwara Chashma Sahib Patshahi Pahili-Jalalabad-Afghanistan

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